Richard started RichCGuitar because he felt that learning a musical instrument can feel overwhelming and a lot of people say, “I don’t have the talent”.


But what is the one of the main regrets people have when they are older? I wish I learnt a musical instrument!


That's why he wanted to create a step-by-step approach to learning the Guitar to help people who are complete beginners and build them up to elite guitarists!


Along the way, he has recorded, written, played and toured with different bands across Europe collating a wealth of experience. On his journey he has realised that learning an instrument isn’t just about learning your favourite songs and feeling good about yourself, it is more about constantly learning and sharing everything you know with others on and offline. This includes gigging (even if it is just to your friends and family) I’m sure Granma would love to hear you play some sweet licks!


We want to help people realise their potential by helping them learn a skill that helps their brain development, social skills, and dexterity.


Rich is looking forward to joining and helping you on your journey,


See you on the other side!